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When it comes to printing, many times consumers take an approach to their  purchases, and spend time and resources researching a supplier for a particular printed product - business cards, postcards, signs, brochures, or promotional materials for instance.

In a highly specialized industry, with so many variables affecting quality and cost, trying to research and navigate all those options to purchase print services directly can be a very inefficient way of going about things.

That's why we are here!  With a large selection of printers we are partnered up with we will do the dirty work to make sure you receive the best pricing possible along  with you receiving exceptional customer service and a superior product

We have a great team and amazing partners to help you with all your needs. 



What we can do for you



               So what can Squier Ink do for me?

  • Convenience - Whether you have one small job or several complex requirements you can make one call - saving you time and resources. We able to handle all your print requirements from stationery to signage as well as specialty print jobs like promotional  or apparel, so rather than finding several suppliers, you can call one supplier for all your printing needs.
  • Recommending Products - We are in constant contact with their suppliers and in the case we make regular site visits. We are aware of new products and print applications and can often recommend products that you may not be aware of.
  • Understanding the printers requirements - Do acronyms like PDF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, PSD and terms like bleed and trim marks make your head spin? Dealing with several suppliers and their various technical requirements for the graphics/document files you need to provide them can be difficult and time consuming. We can simplify the process for you because we understand the requirements for all our suppliers and we can walk you through these requirements up front to save you time.
  • Managing the Print Job - Once you arrange your printing with us, we take over the management of the job until it’s delivered or installed. This saves you time and effort and gives you one point of contact for any questions or changes you might have throughout the process.
  • Saving you money - Because we has several options for each type of print job, we can get you the best price and quality for your specific requirements.

Note from Amanda Squier


After many years of working in the print and sign industry I decided to branch out and and work for my clients and do what is best for them and their company. I am all about building and maintaining relationships with my clients while making sure they get the best pricing possible.

                                                                     - Amanda Squier


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